Quick printing tips to make full use of technology

Printers already do so much for us and there is no secret in the fact that they are probably one of the most beloved tools for college students and office workers. It gets the work done easier and quicker and while you may think you are using it to its maximum capacity, you could be wrong. Here are some extremely helpful tips and tricks which you can perform with your printer and enjoy the outcome:

  • Use economy mode

If you contact RICOH printer supplier in Dubai, they will get you in touch with such printers that have an economy mode to it. This means that your copies will be printed in a lesser quality for tasks that you don’t need some high quality for and this will in return save your ink and last cartridges longer. This is certainly an extremely useful feature if your printer has one to offer.

  • Use branded items

Yes it is true that sometimes cartridges and other such printer replicable items can be expensive on the pocket which may divert you to cheaper ones but this is a huge mistake that you could be making. Using non branded and cheaper knock offs can ruin the quality of the printer and put the life of it in jeopardy which you need to save at all costs to ensure its longer and healthier life.

  • Low ink sign is just a warning

Many of you may consider the low ink sign as an indication to replace cartridges immediately but you are mistaken here as it is only a warning and there is enough cartridges left in the printer to print some more copies. So squeeze those cartridges dry and then do the work until the printed material diminishes away.

  • Use hairdryer in emergency situations

But if the warning sign is taken too far and now you are left with no cartridge at all but immediate printing left, then we believe you may want to blast those cartridges with a hairdryer to melt out the ink and use it in emergency situations. This is a trick extremely useful for a lot of people.

There are so many other useful tips which you can try and they can turn to be life savers, view it now and make your life easier with a good printer.