The Culture of Canada

Diversification of cultures and people from across the world rely and feel like their living in their first found home because the government and the authorities they encourage and motivate everyone to be part of their social cultural economic and political affairs. By this kind of act Canada boost up the confidence level of each citizen in a very best way possible. According to the world Canada is a free country and development is at the peak. The country Canada immigration from Dubai and Australian visa from Abu Dhabi, celebrates every event in a different way to support every culture. They celebrate Black history month then there is Asian Heritage month and then there is holocaust. Canada generally focuses on the human rights of their citizens to eliminate every kind of discrimination that occurs in the different parts of world that promote freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of consigns. 

The country has their own Association which is named as elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. The concept of multiculturalism shows that all the religion and beliefs should be celebrated and represented equally in a managed way. By this every society can find their own personal peace and space for worshipping. The Canadian government really focuses on making their minorities to feel safe and secure. This marks an amazing impression in the world eyes.

Canada is becoming an education hub due to their high standard studies and amazingly designed campuses. Students all around the world are considering Canada because the standard and scope of their studies stands in the world. They can even start their career in Canada or they can move to another country. But Canada prefers bright students to stay in their country to make their base even stronger with the help of shining and bright youth.

There are so many association related to different issue which occur in the life of expats and new comers. Canada tries to be their best companion in this journey they support and encourage every single person who is in some sort of difficulty. People all around the world really loved this act from Canada. This is appealing and attractive if analyze this act.The major culture traits in Canada are from European countries. They are more alike each other, especially British and French culture. The mostly spoken language in Canada is French and English. Canadian people are mostly polite and informal. They are mostly friendly and tolerant.